Jolie is a 21-year-old singer-songwriter based in Saint Augustine, Florida. Jolie burst onto the local scene in late 2017 and was voted best female vocalist in Saint Augustine in 2019 after just one year of performing live.   

Born and raised in Jacksonville, Florida, Jolie is the youngest of five sisters. She discovered her love for singing as a child, but didn’t start sharing it until she was about 12.

As a teen, Jolie began to compete in local competitions and talent shows in North Florida before signing a short-term recording contract in her high school years. She recorded three original songs with the studio, and in 2018 recorded an album of covers titled “Covers by Jolie” that can be found on Spotify as well as Apple Music and Google Play Music.

Currently, Jolie plays regularly in Downtown St. Augustine where she consistently draws large crowds and stops traffic. She continues to gain popularity in North Florida as she branches out and takes her singing career to new horizons.

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